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Miguel Heilbron of Worldwide Perspectives was one of the speakers at the 2015 Martin Luther King Day at De Balie in Amsterdam, focused on inspiration from Dr. King’s legacy. Read Miguel’s contribution (in Dutch) and see the video (mostly in Dutch).


Worldwide Perspectives was asked to host the ‘Inspiration Day Children and Global Citizenship’ organized by NCDO (Dutch National Centre Sustainable Development) and Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, focused on youth perspectives on sustainability, how youth’s voices can be included in global debates and in finding solutions.

M speeching

At the Huygens Talent Circle (HUTAC) Annual Conference “Changing Worlds: Growth in times of scarcity” in Amsterdam, Miguel Heilbron of Worldwide Perspectives hosted a training session on recognizing, capturing and spreading positive news, and how this leads to positive social impact. HUTAC is a prestigious network of 600+ ambitious young professionals from 30+ countries.


M kennisland

Miguel Heilbron was one of three main speakers at a ‘Kennisland Cocktail’ on ‘Knowledge and Innovation in the Development Sector’. Miguel contributed with a spoken column and engaged in group discussions.

In the Dutch television show The Pitch three teams of young professionals contested with innovative social ideas. Worldwide Perspectives was asked to provide one team and join the battle, and we finally won with the idea to promote the spreading of positive news enhancing positive social and economic developments.