Columns, articles, editing & more. Worldwide Perspectives delivers in Dutch & English.
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See some examples:


At NCDO (Dutch National Centre Sustainable Development) Miguel Heilbron coordinated the production of a Worldconnectors Yearbook, serving as first author and final editor. The Worldconnectors are opinion leaders in the public, business, policy, civil society and political arena.


For the national print magazine of Plan Netherlands, member of the Plan International network, Miguel Heilbron wrote a 7 part column series exploring new perspectives on international development.


Miguel Heilbron occasionally writes Dutch columns and articles for media such as OneWorld, Joop, ThePostOnline. Also see an example of a co-authored article in English at The Broker Online.



At VC4Africa, Miguel Heilbron is the main editor of the VC4Africa blog (among other things), since January 2013 to date. The VC4Africa blog is seen as a key resource in Africa’s startup investment space. Recently Miguel also contributed to VC4Africa’s 2015 Venture Finance in Africa Report as an editor and with texts contributions.

Spunk is a popular Dutch online youth magazine. Miguel Heilbron was Spunk’s first column writer, publishing a weekly and later a bi-weekly column on the new blog in its first year.